About Us

Our Community is Strong.

There are too many crazy business owners out there who only please a client enough to get them to stop calling. And there are too many companies who squeeze as much profit out of their employees as possible. So we decided to create a new story!

A story where listening to the clients happens at the beginning, instead of at the end! A story that understands progress comes from the hard work and wisdom of the employees.

Community Construction is an Employee Owned and Operated Business. All workers own a piece of the pie. We know that the best way for us to succeed is to focus on the happiness of our clients AND workers.

Employee owners have a dedicated interest in their clients' joy. They are more likely to stay, have greater loyalty, and have more pride. Owners are also willing to work harder and come up with tips for improvement.

In contrast, at a common business, only the owner or CEO prospers when the employees work harder and smarter. Consequently, the only reward the laborer gets is more work! Community Construction is flipping this script on its head!